Forum Title: Removing Siding And Re-Insulate Wall
I have been been renovating homes for a about 5 years doing just about everything for the exception of roofing (I always sub my roofing jobs) Anyway i got a call from one of my old customers and he wants me to replace the siding on the rear wall of his home and replace 9 windows facing his pool the area is about 40 x 18 which is not a problem however he requested that i replace the insulation behind the siding in the walls with new insulation to make the home more energy efficiant. I told him it wouldnt be a problem. Now what i have in mind to complete the job is to remove the siding and then remove the plywood that covers the back wall and remove the old installation. I would then replace with new installation renail the old plywood(replace as needed) and then re wrap the wall with some insualltion board and felt then the siding. Am i doing this right? Is there an easier way to do this? The house was built in 82 if that matters. removing the drywall is not an option. I dont mind doing the work the customer doesnt mind paying for it but I dont want the customer to think i am trying to screw him over by doing unneeded work. Can anyone give some advice on how to correctly do this job it would be appreciated. THanks!
Category: General Contractor Post By: MARY SMITH (Deltona, FL), 03/06/2018

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