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I was at a tradeshow for greenbuilding (the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association conference) and I saw a new kind of PT called TimberSIL. I talked with the rep and he said it was developed by a doctor who was concerned about the negative effects of copper-based PT (the now-banned CCA and ACQ). I was really excited about it. It's not green-tinted - it's natural color wood. It's going to be available in the Boston area within a few months, I think. (For folks around here, it will be at Sterrit's, I think.) It's made by pressure-infusing the wood with sodium silicate, same way the wood was treated with ACQ. But then it's heated to a certain temperature so the molecules of the sodium silicate bind together into larger crystals that are bound into the fibers of the wood. As far as I can figure, it infuses the wood with glassy / vitreous particles. I can understand why termites won't eat it, but I'm still waiting to be convined that it will resist fungus. The company says it is unrecognizable as a food source for fungus. They'll start producing decking boards, and then roll in to framing lumber for the southern areas where formosan termites are a problem. And it doesn't rot away iron and galvy fasteners. Anyway, I'm excited about it. No, I don't get a kickback from the company - I'm just excited that there's a good rot-resistant lumber coming on that I will feel really good about working with. I hope it's priced like the old PT, not higher. They also say it's fire-resistant. I wonder how rough it is on carbide saw blades.
Category: General Contractor Post By: JIMMY BARNES (Diamond Bar, CA), 02/17/2018

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