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Heys guys looking for a bit of advice if you may. I will try to explain the scenario the best I can. I am in the middle of a reno and have run into a situation I am uncomfortable with. 2 story house... converting a 4 bedroom into a 3 bedroom with a new ensuite. Floor joists are 2x12 16 oc. New tub going in is 72x36 shipping weight is 134 lbs... holds 54 US gal. Tub should be just under 600lbs full (plus person). Floor joists are running parallel with the tub. Tub is against an exterior wall. There are 3 joists directly under the tub. Strange spacing but there is 1 joist under the exterior wall, one at 16 oc, one at approx 6 past and then another at 16 oc. One of which (the one closest to the center of the room) the plumber has drilled an approx. 3 hole in the center to run the drain through. Sub floor is 5/8 t&g glued and screwed doubled everywhere except under the tub (Just 1 layer under the tub). My concern is whether or not the load is OK here. All lumber seem to be in great shape. All cross bridged. City building inspector passed it, but I just have the twist in my stomach about this.... Am I out to lunch or what.... Any help is appriciated. I am almost ready to tear down the ceiling on the main level and sister up some new joists. Thanks guys Cheers
Category: General Contractor Post By: CAROLYN RAMIREZ (Dothan, AL), 02/05/2018

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