Forum Title: Load Bearing Wall Removal Options
I have attached a rough floor plan for your review. Basically, we want to make the wall represented by the red lines into a half wall surrounding the basement stairs. The length of the wall we would be removing is maybe 15'. The roof is a hip roof with regular spliced rafters. In the basement, there is a steel beam running the length of the house, sitting directly beneath the red wall on the right hand side. Therefore, I'm pretty sure that is my load bearing wall. We really don't want to do a beam and header and sacrifice head room. I was talking to my father-in-law and he suggested going into the attic crawl space, cutting an area in the rafters and installing a beam from the end of the house to the hallway (represented by the blue lines) and then using joist hangers to tie the rafters into the beam. We also talked with another family member (who I do some part time general contracting with) and he suggested running lvl from the one end to the hallway above the rafters and then tying the rafters into that lvl, which would be easier because I wouldn't have to cut the rafters, provide temporary support inside the house, etc. I could get the lvl up there, tie the rafters into it, and then begin removing the wall. No the question is, do they make some kind of special joist hanger for a beam that is overhead? I did a search and could only come up with standard joist hangers and hurricane/rafter ties. I don't think those would be sufficient, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?
Category: General Contractor Post By: CLARENCE RUSSELL (Texas City, TX), 02/05/2018

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